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Dear 15 Year Old Me. I’m writing to tell you: It Got Better

A  letter of comfort written by Robyn Harper to her 15 year old self.

Dear 15 Year Old Me. I’m writing to tell you: It Got Better

Yesterday was a tough day for you. That time you spent in the bathroom will forever remain in your memory.

You made your admission, to yourself. It was in your head before, but yesterday felt like your first real recognition of it. You held on to that sink so tightly as you leaned over it. You faced yourself in the mirror that hung above it. The sink held you up as your knees weakened. Your grip got tighter, your stare more intense. You felt like you were looking into your heart, your soul. You stared for what like felt like hours but was only seconds. You hardly blinked. Then the tears came. “I am gay.” You sobbed aloud. Your posture slumped as you heard those words over and over in your head. “What are you going to do?” you asked yourself. The sink caught your tears. You weren’t expecting an answer.

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This is a Gender Revolution! A Response to “LGBT Soup”

I write in response to a recent article by Ciara McGrattan, the Deputy Editor of Irish publication, GCN (Gay Community News). Titled “LGBT Soup“, the article suggests that the addition of letters to LGBT has become an “unwieldy beast” in need of taming and that “for the purposes of accuracy and economy of expression, LGBTetc should be replaced with ‘gay’. Just gay. That’s all. Simple. Elegant. Accurate.”

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Chatting with Heather Peace: “Craic agus Ceol”

Heather Peace

A cup of coffee, the sun shining, and a chat with the warm and friendly Heather Peace. Wednesday mornings don’t get better than that. The Bradford born musician / actress (Waterloo Road and Lip Service) was on to tell me about her new single Fight For from her debut album Fairytales, and her end of tour shindig over here in Ireland on March 23rd. Expect an intimate affair, dinner, drinks and an acoustic set by Heather.

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Marriage Equality in Ireland: Tell the Constitutional Convention Why Equality Matters to You

Now is the time to act. Now is the time to be heard.

Constitution of Ireland

April 13th and 14th are the chosen dates during which marriage equality will be discussed by the constitutional convention. A recommendation to Government will issue on foot of their decision.

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Life as a Gay Person: What Being Gay Means to Me

“She” began to interest me. This became a conscious issue during my teenage years. The timing was obvious. I had embarked on that developmental stage we all go through in life. I had left my childhood behind. Together with my body, my mind was maturing for adulthood. Feelings of attraction are natural and synonymous to those years. It’s part of what they’re all about. The difference for me was, I was intrigued by “her,” the same way most girls I knew were intrigued by “him.”

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Hers and Hers: It’s Not Only the Boy Who Falls For the Girl Next Door

“I’ve always known I was different.” These are words that I have said myself and heard many times. When you feel different, teenage times can be a lonely place. When I realised that I was attracted to the same gender as myself, to girls and not boys, I felt alone. I know that many of my peers did too. To now reflect on those younger years, I realise that my peers and I did not stand alone, we just didn’t know at the time that we stood together. Our thoughts never met through words. I look back and smile. It’s a sensitive smile. I remember what it felt like.

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A Glimpse of the Future from Jodie Foster: No Labels. No Announcements. No Difference.

Jodie Foster

When Ellen Degeneres announced her same gender attraction sixteen years ago, she was criticised. When Jodie Foster casually, but affectionately, spoke of her same gender partner last week, she was criticised, but for different reasons, essentially for not doing it sooner. She was further criticised for not making any big announcement and for not saying the words, “I am gay,” or “I’m a lesbian.” As far as I was concerned, Jodie Foster has been out. I thought this was common knowledge. I thought what she said was more a plea for privacy concerning her private life than anything else.

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Equality and Gender Roles Do Not Co-Exist When a Woman Loves a Woman

Society had it all worked out in advance for me. All the time growing up, the message though implicit was loud and clear. Any of my future romantic endeavours would concern the male kind, because I’m female. This presented difficulties when I came to realise that I liked girls, and not boys. I couldn’t fulfil my gender role as was set for me. I fell short of society’s expectation and this came at a price. I thought I was “different” on foot of this. I felt I couldn’t be who I was, who I am, who I’ve always been. But I didn’t know any better at the time.

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